Meet The Caregiver

Welcome to the official RCC website! My name is Lindsay and I am the owner/operator and primary caregiver at our in-home daycare. I was born and raised in the area and attended nearby Rockingham School as a teen. I am a MSVU graduate and mother of two.

It has always been my dream to offer in-home child care and finally we owned a home large enough to accommodate one. So after much consideration, I decided to give up the corporate world and focus my efforts on fulfilling my dream. Of course with that decision also came a whole new level of responsibility and exhaustion, but it was worth every single second. After months of research, renovations, planning, paperwork and interviews, the grand opening of Rockingham Child Care had finally arrived.

My husband and I worked tirelessly to get our home exactly how I wanted it for the daycare, but something was still missing…an overall philosophy. It was clear to me that I wanted other parents to have the same “home away from home” experience that we did when I first sent my daughter to an in-home daycare after returning to work from maternity leave. In a word, the entire experience was wonderful. She ran through the door and was greeted by lots of hugs, love and laughter, which was exactly what she needed. The age range in her little group was vast, so every day she learned or taught something new. I quickly realised that although there are plenty of excellent qualities that larger daycare centres possess, the smaller environment was what we were most comfortable with.

At Rockingham Child Care, our families are made up of a group of like-minded parents whose top priority is for their child to transition smoothly into a daycare which most resembles “home.”  An added bonus is the ability to create special relationships and spend quality time with the same caregiver right up until the child starts preschool. The maximum number of children enrolled at Rockingham Child Care is only 6, so we are a tight knit group.

If you’d like to join the Rockingham Child Care family, contact us today. We look forward to hearing from you!


  • St. John Ambulance First Aid/CPR and Infant First Aid/CPR certified
  • Halifax Regional Police – clear of criminal records, including vulnerable persons
  • NS Child Abuse Registry – clear of registry